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Napoleon Cat Temperament and Lifespan

There is rumour that this breed was named in honor of Napoleon Bonaparte. Surprisingly, taking into account the fact that he did not like the fluffy cats and suffered with fear of cats. Breed Napoleon was derived not so long ago (in 1995 the organization was officially registered on the development of new species), but despite this, it has already managed to catch the fancy of many cat owners. It is a cross between a Munchkin and graceful long-haired Persians.

Depending on the length of the legs there are two types of breeds of cats Napoleon: Napoleon of classic look has long legs; Dwarf Cat Nap is petite with short legs. These species differ only in the clutches of a length, otherwise they have all the typical qualities of Napoleon. The life expectancy is about 15 years one.

How Much Does a Napoleon Cat Cost and Price Range

Napoleon cat will cost you about $1200. The average price may vary depending on the pet or show quality cat you would like to buy. The cost can be different in various places depending on the breeder. You should study the whole information about the breeders of these cats to find the best combination of price and quality. It is very expensive and exclusive breed. This is due to the cost of its breeding. Since it is important not only to get a miniature animal with small legs, but also to obtain a healthy pet without "defects".

Napoleon Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Please be aware that Napoleon is not just a cross between a Persian and Munchkin.

The size of the fluffy mini miracle is 2 times less than ordinary cat. And Napoleon weighs about 2 kg. While ordinary cat on average weighs 3.5-4 kilos, Napoleon is a dwarf cat. Dwarf Napoleon originally conceived as a tiny creature and the most heartwarming of all felines. The cats can be of any color.

Napoleon Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

It is clever, sociable, affectionate and very gullible breed. They do not understand aggression, so small children can swaddle the emperor as a doll in a stroller to carry. It allows all! Napoleon cats are very friendly and gentle creatures. If you are busy, your pet Napoleon in any case will not allow you to feel bored. Napoleon is really fantastic - at the right time he will definitely feel that you need his warmth and affection. In this case, he would come up and will sit with your permission, on your lap.

This breed has no aggression, so it cannot be afraid to introduce your pet even with small children - you will be amazed by his tenderness towards the child. Moreover, they remain faithful to their owners until the end of their life.

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